Best way to clean ping pong table

Best way to clean ping pong table

The best way to clean your ping pong table

We all need physical exercise for healthy body and mind. It helps us to relieve stress, and make us happy. One of most common and enjoyable physical activities is table tennis. Regardless of whether do we play it competitive or purely recreational, we must admit it is a lot of fun.

Anyway, for good experience in the game we need to have a good and clean ping pong table. If we already own one, it is very important to correctly clean it. If we clean it in the right way, it will be more suitable for game-play, and moreover it will last longer.

But, how the ping pong table gets dirty anyway? The ball with which we play most of the time, hits the ground and collect dust all-over it, so after we pick it up it’s not clean at all. Then we hit it to with our paddle directly on ping pong table. Therefore, the dust is transferred from the floor to the table. Even if we don’t play for some period of time, dust will accumulate on the ping pong table over time. Second thing we do is that we storage our table tennis table in some places that are usually not the cleanest in the Earth – for example garage, basement, storage room…

So, it is necessary to clean it from time to time. Therefore, we will present to you some of the best ways to clean your ping pong table. But before we clean the ping pong table, we need to clean our table tennis paddle rubber.

Table tennis rubber cleaner

In order to get quality game-play experience, we need to have clean ping pong racket. With the clean racket we can hit better, make a better spin, speed, and more accurate shots. So what do we supposed to do, and how to clean table tennis rubber the best way possible?

Clean with water

The cheapest way to keep your rubber racket clean is to use a bit of water and some dishcloth, or a paper, and wipe the surface of table tennis rubber diligently. It will only take a minute, and then rubber will dry very quickly and effectively. After that we are ready to hit those accurate and ‘clean shots’ at the opponent.

Be aware, we must be very careful not to use too much water. If we use too much water, we will end up soaking the rubbers and even the table, which can be really bad. If we soak rubber wet it will take a lot of time to dry, and in the end it can also cause accelerated rotting. Even worst thing that could happen is if water catches the ping-pong table. We all know that water is not good for wood. Table will root way faster. Just a little water and a quick wipe over the ping-pong table, and you will remove most of the dust and grime from them. You should do this every time after you play table tennis.
Clean ping pong paddle rubber with white vinegar

Although people have a certain degree of repulsion when mentioning the vinegar during the cleaning process, if it is carefully used it can be very productive. The necessities you need to have is: two to three delicate fabric (or soft cloth), a bowl/pail, clean water, white vinegar. Take some water in a bowl and mix it with some vinegar. This will result in non-toxic cleaning solution. After that, put liquid on a cloth and gently rub in circle your ping pong paddle rubber. Attention: the best way to do this is no longer that between 2-3 months.

Clean it with spray and sponge

Although water is good, she can’t clean everything. If you are competitive player, sometimes before tournament or league match it is good to clean rubber on deeper level, for what we can use biological table tennis rubber cleaner and sponge. Of course, it will clear all the dust, but it will also clear the sweat and oils from table tennis rubber, and water can’t do that. It is very important not to use biological spray before every match because chemicals in the spray will make the rubbers deteriorate quicker.

But using the table tennis rubber cleaner once a week will not do harm to rubber. The price for a bottle of biological table tennis rubber cleaner will not cost more than 10$, and it can last for years. So if we play for more than fun we should consider cleaning the rubber in this way. Two most popular rubber cleaners are Butterfly rubber cleaner and Yasaka rubber cleaner.

Also, the bat case. You probably already have one, but if you don’t make sure you buy a bat case. The purpose of a bat case is to keep your rubbers dust-free and give protection from dust when you are not playing the table tennis.

Table tennis rubbers are very easy to scratch, so it is necessary to keep your bat covered and protected. In that way you will keep your rubber protected and safe. It doesn’t matter what type of bat case you have. The price of bat case is 5-10$. If you use a larger bat case, you will be able to fit 3 rackets, so you will have one spare for your friends.

Butterfly rubber cleaner

Whether if you are a professional or just a recreational table tennis player, you should take in consideration buying Butterfly rubber cleaner, a well-known brand for ping pong tennis players. Butterfly 8181 Table Tennis Racket Care Kit is one of the best cleaning products for ping pong lovers. This product is in the bottle of 150 ml. Butterfly 8181 can be used every time after you’ve played a game of table tennis, because it keeps your rubber clean, fresh and shiny, and maintains the durability and quality of the rubber on your paddles.

This product helps remove dust and other debris from the surface. This is also very useful for spin and to keep the pace, and to improve game. The rubber looks shiny and flawless after cleaning, and leaves the grip better, translating to better shorts.

It includes Rubber Care Sponge, Butterfly Form Cleaner as well as cleaning tips. It makes cleaning easy hence it forms up immediately, cleaning with the yellow side and squeezing off the paddle with the blue sponge. The form and sponge will make you comfortable during the whole process. This is considered a quality care kit.

How to clean your ping-pong table?

Whether you’re keeping your ping-pong table in the basement, backyard, or in a house, sometimes it will need a bit of cleaning to keep the ping pong table in a good condition, and to slow down the deterioration. After you clean your table you will want a paddle so if your an okay player why not check out the best ping pong paddles for intermediate players

This is the simplest, easiest, and the best way to clean your ping pong table without damaging it. Simply all you need to have is: 1) Soft cloth, 2) Water, 3) Vinegar, 4) Bowl

Get a piece or two of soft cloth and wipe the table off after every game. It will remove the dust and the dirt that has been transferred on the ping pong table from the ping pong ball. If you have your ping pong table in the backyard, you should keep in mind that you would need to clean your ping pong table more often, than if you are keeping it in the house.

Create a simple non-toxic cleaner which will do a lot more cleaning of your ping pong table. All you need to do is to mix a water with a vinegar, and to mix it all-together in a bowl. Then we need to take that piece of cloth, and get it slightly wet with that mixture of liquids. After that, you should easily squeeze cloth to remove excess liquid before cleaning your ping pong table. You don’t want your cloth to be too much moist, it can take damage.

The next step is to remove the net from ping pong table. In the end, you should take your moistened cloth mixed with vinegar and water, and easily rub your ping pong table with circle moves. You don’t need to do it very often, and every 2 to 3 months should be fine.

Before storing your table, you should wait for it to dry out completely. It shouldn’t take long at all. Once your ping pong is clean, optional maintenance could be oiling all the moving parts in your table construction to maintain

If you still don’t trust that mixture of vinegar and water can clean your ping pong table on the level that you want, you can always buy a specialized ping pong table cleaner from well-known brands such as Butterfly or Yasaka.

Table tennis cleaning sponge

Maybe you are now wandering “Why does it matter to have a special cleaning sponge to clean ping pong table? Isn’t every sponge essentially the same?” You may feel like it doesn’t matter which sponge will you use during the cleaning of your ping pong table, but if you want to clean your ping pong table the best way possible, branded sponges are especially designed to clean your ping pong table with the least damage, and at the same time they are especially designed to help you to get into the deepest parts of your table tennis table. 
The recommendation for some of the branded cleaning sponges are: Donic Rubber Care Sponge, Yinhe, Huieson, Nittaku… Each of these manufacturers strictly paid attention to their design and planned to comply with all possible rules. In the end, they would pay attention and whether the sponge would be long lasting.

Let’s take for an example Huieson table tennis cleaning sponge. The sponge Cleaner is using for Pimples in rubber. The blue sponge should keep wet before using the red sponge can be used directly. It can be mixed with every liquid that is intended for cleaning ping pong table.

Yasaka rubber cleaner

Yasaka spray rubber cleaner is not too much expensive product. You can buy it for a cheap price of 4$. Although there is not much detail about this product, according to satisfied customers from online shopping we can conclude that it works well for the best cleaning of your ping pong table. Here are some of the reviews that can be useful for future Yasaka rubber cleaner buyers.

“Works well. Just bought my second bottle.” (Review by Stonecolling for Yasaka Rubber Spray Cleaner;

“It does what it does well” (Review by Lockon52 for Yasaka Rubber Spray Cleaner;

“Excellent rubber cleaner” (Review by quantgenius forYasaka Rubber Spray Cleaner;

“Works well. Seems to keep the rubber clean and in good shape. I’ve used it for 4 months now and it’s still not empty. I play almost daily.” (Review by chrisjlee for Yasaka Rubber Spray Cleaner;

Why cleaning your ping pong table is important

It is important to know why you must have a clean table in the first place.

Whether you’ve just bought a new table tennis table or have one lying around and keeping the dust for a longer period of time, it’s important to protect your investment. Not just that, by cleaning you ping pong table you are also protecting your health. And the most convincing and necessary way of doing that is by regularly cleaning the table.

When the ping pong table is not clean, then the table will not produce good bounce and spin from his. You should also keep in mind that it may impact the performance of the table tennis paddle, and it may cause the irreversible damage to the table.

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