Best Ping Pong Table Surface

Best Ping Pong Table Surface
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You’ll be pleased to learn that a lot of considerations come into play when searching for the best  Ping Pong table surface. This is especially so if you are planning to be using it frequently. Ideally, if you are a competitor, you anticipate that the utmost level of quality will be present. More interestingly, you look forward to playing on an appropriate exterior with probable rebound and also to tactfully target your hits to you excellent capability. In view of this, we shall embark on a mission to establish the best ping pong table surface. 

1. Joola Inside 11200

This is the ultimate model for residential contest, providing awesome household entertainment and exercises. This is a top-notch make that comes with 5/8 –inch broad surface, an adhesive apron measuring 1. 5 inches and a galvanized firm chassis which incorporates steel self-regulating legs. This model is like two autonomous tables. Its other attributes are four movement rollers and a dual anti-bend gadget. In addition, the tables dual equal sides can be wrapped singly, intersect for effortless stashing, with one wrapped end to be utilized for exercising.

2.  STIGA T8580W Advantage

It’s a pre-fabricated inhouse table surface that is suitable for either domestic or place of work games. This facility is fitted with a 10 – minute quickplay model that is 95 per cent pre-fabricated to facilitates simple and swift configuration. What is more, the gadget is light enough to allow movement when a need arises. It’s a high-end table surface that has a silk-screen band on numerous winding coat finish. It has a tourney –approved fastener-type net and an easy post that is straight-forward to mount and dismantle from the table. This is an intermediary-grade facility from a distinguished manufacturer. It’s recommended for indoor use. The parameters of the table are 9 feet by 5 feet by  2 feet in terms of length, width and height respectively. The table top is 5/8 inch broad and the frame comes with an autonomous shape.   

3. Joola Rally TL 300w

This model is a suitable selection if you are looking for entertainment-packed ping pong play with high-end technique. This is one kind of a facility that will draw attention at your place of residence or at work. Among its attributes, is an exceptional and attractive black surface, operational nook ball holders besides fascinating abacus players. The nooks are able to support a maximum of three 40mm table tennis globules although, the incorporated two magnetic abacuses stick effortlessly to the table surface. This facility is sold to the consumer while when it is 95% pre-manufactured.The online price is in the range of USD 400 TO 450. It’s an amateur-grade table tennis table that comes with a good high-end design and characteristics that put it at par with the far high-cost models. Furthermore, it has a dual anti-bending gadget for secure movement. The downside to this table surface is that it’s barely 15mm lean which has the effect of restricting the pace of the game and ball rebound in comparison to chunky surfaces. Ideally, your table should have at least 19mm thickness to have a good rebound on the table surface. Finally, it has very high-rating from the customers who have it and this is a good reassurance for you as you purpose to buy a good ping pong table surface.

4.  Joola Nova Dx       

This table ranks high in terms of calibre and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor games and specially tailored to withstand exterior vagaries of climate and landscape. Its surface has 6mm standard aluminum –ductile compound that is curved besides being chip-proof.The beauty with table surface is that it spectacularly produces globule rebound for many years. This facility is easy to assemble and it comes with an all-seasons net and posts collection and therefore availing an equal pitch for cut-throat contest and entertainment-packed table tennis encounter.                        

5.  Sponeta Super Compact

This table is ITTF tourney authorized, it is a notch higher in terms of conversion, price and grade. This facility is value for money, giving it an edge in terms of selection by would be purchasers who are desirous of a gadget that is on the same level as tourney-grade makes while still being able to have the easiness of a flexible make in terms of conversion. One feature that makes it come out strongly is its strength, particularly for a make that is convertible. Best Compact tennis Table, Across its  1-inch wide chipboard top and its steel fixture, it’s difficult to move this facility while not closed. Despite its weight, this table is simple to convert and stash courtesy of its pressure springs alongside its uncomplicated automatic click mechanism feature. Moreover, it’s user-friendly to the physically challenged. Although its price is more elevated than a lot of convertible makes, you can rest assured that your money will accord you top-notch standard facility.

6.  JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

In the global table tennis surfaces, you would expect to come across the convergence of a cut-throat contest in terms of action delivery and global standard plan. This table has a reputation for having a high class 22mm medium-density fiberboard surface. Furthermore, its bottom comes with a curved aluminium –coating for unparalleled firmness and longevity. Its steel structure is long lasting. This table surface is also exceptional for having non-reflective surface and globule mark-proof surface finish. In addition, its net can be assembled swiftly and it is USATT authorized and has a solo contestant playback mode. This table was incepted in the 1950s and its manufacturer has been a benefactor of greatest tourneys globally.            

7.  Cornilleau 500M Crossover

This one is among the leading makes in the category of the most successful ping pong tables, suitable for domestic use and also tourney-level contest. More importantly, it’s able to withstand exposure to weather without damage due to its standard polyester net which has tightness and is altitude convertible. Other features include 7mm overlay that facilitates intensive, tough competition area, a unique non-reflective touch that provides appropriate ball rebound and strengthened steel fixture for suitable reinforcement and firmness. In addition, it’s very user-friendly in terms of rearrangement, stashing or is fitted with big double rollers that are (nearly 8’’) with engraved grips. This table goes for USD 1,662. 98, ideal for both indoors and outdoors and comes in blue colour.

8. Butterfly Centrefold 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

It is an awesome table tennis table offering the appropriate standard for cut-throat sport in entertainment places, homes’ play areas, learning institutions, as well as any other indoor place you may wish to take your ping pong table to. This table involves standard construction stuff and sketch and is even user-friendly to the physically challenged players on a wheelchair. In addition,  its surface has a thick chipboard competing exterior that incorporates special coat for a spectacular globule bounce and cohesion. Moreover, the table has a strong steel stand that provides reinforcement, rings for effortless movement, top-notch standard, elevation and tightness convertible net. It’s ITTF tourney’s authorized with a warranty that lasts 5 years. It goes for an online price of  1,954. 99 USD.It was the formal table of the 2014-2017 Butterfly North America tour. The shanks are attached 400 mm inside which adheres to ITTC directive for wheelchair contestants. It has a weight of 280lbs and doesn’t have a playback position. Also, it has convertible feet.

9. Butterfly TW24B Playback Rollaway

This is a product of Butterfly company that has clout in this sector. It has a robust 2-piece top that is well-suited for a changeover from the play to repeat, besides making stashing simple. The fringes of this surface are bound together to cushion against the effects of erosion. More cushioning over its legs provides enormous power. In order to ensure that a child is protected, it has two protective shafts that have been incorporated on all sides of the comes in green or blue colours. The heaviness is about140 pounds and has one and a half steel frame. This version is an outdoor table tennis table surface. The online sale’s price currently is 807. 49 USD. It has five double wheels and is not ITTF endorsed. The table’s warranty lasts 10 years and its feet are not adjustable.

10. Kettler Match 5. 0

It’s among the finest ping pong surface in existence and has been approved to offer tourney’s level rebound. This, therefore, guarantees a premier standard bout. Due to its playback feature, it can hold solo or rehearsal game and it doesn’t have broad space, Keeping the ball from dropping in.

The table appears pretty smart although erecting it is quite a challenge. That may be due to specifications emanating from the builder or the customer, any way you have a fallback option of checking for the assembly guide from the internet on how to go about it. A warranty of three years is provided upon purchase and any hitches that crop up within that period can be fixed by the manufacturer. By Kettler being a reputable company in this business, it gives you some reassurances that your technical problems will be sorted out swiftly and conclusively. It’s made of a three-quarters thick wooden table surface.

11. Butterfly Junior

Its parameters are as follows; 206cm*115 cm*76 cm in terms of length,width and height respectively. It has dual equal sides that wrap up autonomously. Each of the four table’s supports wraps beneath as a picnic table with a dismountable net and post collection. There are two concealed rollers beneath all sides of the table surface. The gadget goes for an online price of 169. 99 Euros inclusive of VAT. It weighs 34kg and is ideal for in-house usage. It comes with a metallic chassis. Best ping pong paddle for Intermediate players

12.  Stiga Vapor

It’s very light and easy to wrap up. It is ideal for outdoor usage and can withstand the elements of weather. The table top is long-lasting and its chassis is designed to endure heavy usage and it comes as a suitable facility for a household. The contest area is an aluminium plastic covered with emulsion, this prevents the table top from curving as usually happen with tables made of wood when they are exposed to the vagaries of weather. It comes with a three years warranty plus a complimentary of add-ons. It is fitted with a DLS two fasteners for additional precaution. More importantly, it has a space saver system. The downside to it is that it’s is expensive and on top of that, you will need a technician to mount it.

13.  EastPoint Sports Dominator

This facility brings a lot of entertainment in the household’s recreational room. It has a middle mesh and spades storage. It is suitable for indoor use. It meets the threshold of ping pong tables which makes it ideal for contestants of all diverse ages and experiences. More importantly, it’s convertible to playback state to facilitate individual contestant’s exercises. Currently, it has run out of stock on and has a rating of about 63 per cent on the same site.

14.  Lancaster Easy to Assemble Compact Portable Indoor 2 Piece Table Tennis Game

It comes pre-fabricated for swift mounting and consists of a fastener mesh and post, therefore, giving its rivals a run for their money as they utilize elementary bolt method. This facility is fitted with 8 large rollers that facilitate even and straightforward movement

15.  T&R sports Double Happiness 5/8 Inch Table Tennis Table Ping Pong Table w/Free Accessory Pack Rackets Balls Net Professional Grad

Currently, it has run out of stock on Amazon .com.The table top comprises of 5/8’’ top thickness fibreboard, a surface film of repeat paint roller painting. Its unwrappable parameters are;107. 874*60*30.12inches while its wrappable parameters are;60*19. 69*61 inch and it weighs 86 Kgs.

16.  HEAD Summit Table Tennis Table – 18MM Seamless Top – Features Easy Assembly and Foldable for Storage

It’s very user-friendly as it comes while 95% pre-fabricated which facilitates easier access to the playing field. More importantly, it is fitted with a premium tourney-level mesh and post collection with a simple fastener .The table top is USATT  authorized and is ideal for amateurs as well as professional contestants. Its 5-star rating on is 100 per cent. Its smooth table surface produces excellent rebounds when the game is in session. The two equal sides of the table wrap to allow an individual player to exercise and can overlap harmoniously which creates space in terms of storage.


I believe strongly that after all the intensive analysis that I’ve availed above, that you are in a far better position in selecting a table surface that would be suitable to you in terms of cost, specifications and tastes. Consequently, purchase your most favourite ping pong table surface and let the play begin and check out 38 mm vs 40 mm ping pong paddle