We are living in the contemporary era of technology evolution. The advancement in social networking is making us more inactive that is adverse for our health and behavior. The need of the hour is that we should keep intact with the physical exercises. Sports are the best practice which could aid a lot to maintain your fitness level. Ping pong is the best game that helps you to relish in a busy life. Ping pong or table tennis (TT) is a game in which a lightweight ball has been hit back and forth over a table with the help of small paddles/rackets. This game has been played between two or four players. In this sport, a solid table is separated with a net. The rules are not so complicated: the ball thrown should bounce on both sides of the court whoever from the players fail to fulfill this condition the opponent shall score a point. The hitter can get an advantage through spinning the ball to change its trajectory; this trick limits the options for the rival.

It is quite familiar that the paddles, table, and balls are vital parts of the game. But this is not the whole story as there are several other parameters associated with the stuff for a quality TT. Such that the balls for ping pong are carefully synthesized to meet the standards. Earlier the balls were made up of the celluloid material. But the latest technology prefers the use of polymers as the precursor. Similarly, the table used for the game is specially prepared. Likewise, the classy rackets are very important for a better game.

The paddles made up of a core of racket blades, intermediate sponge layer, and outer rubber layer. The rubber sheets for the ping pong play a vital role in controlled paddling during the game. Several types of rubbers have been used for the TT rackets depends upon the style and need of the player. The suitable rubbers can bring about a difference in your gameplay. Moreover, different rubbers have been used for the primary, intermediate, and expert players.

The ping pong rackets often have dissimilar colored rubbers used on both sides called forehand (FH), and backhand (BH) side. This feature serves for viable purpose, such that if one side provisions the excellent spin of the ball, the other will behave differently. It permits to compensate for the unusual circumstances. The player can flip the paddle to move the ball another way even to dodge the opponent. Mostly the players would like to have the black rubber on FH and red on the BH.

Key Types

The following rubbers are available for the ping pong in the market.

  • Defensive rubber
  • Pips-Out rubber
  • All round rubber
  • Anti-Spin rubber
  • High-Speed rubber
  • Offensive rubber
  • High spin rubber

How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Rubber

While choosing the rubber, the central point of consideration is that it should nicely spin the ball. The pace of the game should also be monitored on top priority. To choose the most appropriate rubber for ping pong is not an easy task. It is the most confusing task for the starting players too. Though the excellence in the game requires practice, before practicing the careful rubber sheet analysis makes it worth. It might be fruitful to consult your coach, review online, or ask a professional before choosing an appropriate rubber.

The sticky, smooth, and inverted rubber sheets are most favorite. All the rubbers have their importance and utility; the choice of the rubber mostly depends upon the players own style. Among all these rubbers, the commonly used rubbers are anti-spin and pips-out because they are effortlessly controllable against the loops and spinney service; but a lot of practice is required to get familiar with it.

There is another crucial feature that controls the performance of the rubber, and this is the sponge. Therefore, it is essential to choose the sponge which has been available in various thicknesses in the market. The thick sponge before the rubber sheet gives you more speed and less control. For slowing down the racket and to get better control over it mostly thin sponge is preferable. Two rubber sheets are enough for a complete paddle.

Mark V, Yasaka

If you are a quite exotic player and lacks sufficient experience, then Mark V by Yasaka is the best option for you. It is in actual the most suitable design for the intermediate players. The price and pace both are very reasonable. This model offers you excellent control over the ball, and it will diminish the chances of the abrupt high speed of the ball during the game. Based on performance ratings, this rubber renders the 83 control, 72 spin, and 81 hardness points.

Yasaka is the renowned manufacturer of Japan serving from a long time. That’s why it can quickly be trusted. It may not be suitable for an expert, but the perfect choice for the practicing game lovers that may effectively improve their skills in the ping pong. You will enjoy the spell by using Mark V as it comforts the player through a relaxed play.

Rakza 7, Yasaka

It is considered to be the peerless rubber by almost all types of players due to its consistency and control. For the excellent results, you can also employ it with Nittaku Acoustic 5 Plywood blade. The players who have some command over this game would love to enjoy by using it. If one values the control in the game, he ought to try this for the balanced match, because this rubber is made for offensive players. The strength associated with this rubber is that it can produce decent topspin on average shots.

By using it, even the topspin shots could be effectively backspin. There is enough control that enables you to block and play closer to the net. If you desire, then open up and attack again. Through Rakza you’ll feel placing the ball is such fun. It is not so heavy so, easy to carry, clean, and great worth of your money too because you would love to repurchase it.

Blowfish, Andro

Andro blowfish is a durable Japanese pips-out rubber with a great combination of control, speed, and spin. As compared to the other pips-out rubbers, blowfish makes it easier for you to switch from an inverted rubber. It is useful for a consistent play; that’s why it is best for practicing players. With the average weight, it is quite easy to handle. It is easy to play with terminal block and fast attack as it doesn’t offer much time to the opponent to respond.

When you push or chop blowfish creates enough backspin. To play the topspin using it is also possible. It is the best choice when an aggressive attack is required through the short pimples rubber. You can enjoy a great play with the medium soft sponge as they both create the matchless combination. The effective response strategy is the best for a defensive player, and Andro blowfish is quite helpful for this purpose.

729 Super FX, Friendship

Let’s talk about another awesome rubber type Friendship 729 Super FX. It is among one of the oldest Chinese rubber sheets. The surface of the rubber is super sticky; that’s why the ball can be captured by the paddle perfectly. Admirable for consistent power players requiring more control. It has the excellent capability of generating strong spin. Medium hard orange sponge and better quality!

It is also affordable and quite durable as compared to the others. It lasts very long and gives you a fantastic play experience. If you are interested in enjoying a pleasant game, you must use it because of its trusted quality from years.  It provides a very balanced combination of speed, control, and spin. Friendship 729 will be proved a best friend of your ping pong play time.

Xiom Vega, Europe

Xiom Vega is a high-tension rubber specially made for the intermediate players. It allows you a decent amount of control, considerable pace, and well enough spin. Are you looking to spent a little bit more to enhance your skills as a player? The best ping pong paddles for intermediate players might be the Xiom Vega. The Xiom Vega is the best option to get the improved pace and performance. It will enable you the more grip on the game in minimum time. Vega offers you an extended lifespan than ordinary rubber sheets. The high-tension rubber helps you to improve the pace of the play.

Though it is a bit pricy rubber, it bears top ratings, i.e., speed 8.7, control 8.3, and spin 9.0 out of 10. This design is available in two different thicknesses, gives you a choice depending upon your style. This model provides the high threshold bounce to the ball after the hit. Those players who can’t compromise the speed should definitely try it.

Xiom Sigma II Pro

Another bright name in Xiom series for intermediate ping pong players is Xiom Sigma II pro. Being a high-tension rubber at your side it supports you by providing a super speed. It keeps a balance between the velocity and the spin of the ball. Not only the exceptional speed and the spin, but Xiom also provides sufficient control as well. Boosting up your passion for the game, and teaches you a victorious play.

Sigma II pro is available in the sheet thickness of 2 mm and 2.15 mm. fortunately, it comes in red as well as black both colors and gives you superb strength and long-lasting life. That means you don’t need to go to different companies for the mix and match. The performance ranking of the rubber is also very high. If you are an offensive player and values the speed in the game, you must choose this rubber. It is undoubtedly made passionate players.


When you are talking about the best rubbers and do not mention the DHS series, so this is impossible. DHD PF4 is a hard and quality rubber sheet, it is quite affordable and a good companion for your favorite ping pong game. This ball is specially made for the medium level ping pong players. The pace, spin, and control are perfect for the intermediate players. PF4 is a thin rubber sheet that helps to speed up the game. If you have a very low budget, then you must go for it.

Thousands of players prefer PF4 due to its great features and quicker grip trait. The versatile thicknesses (such as 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm and 2 mm) are available for your ease. If you are confused about the choice for the best, do try it and get rid of all the worries. This sheet has one year warranty from the manufacturer to avoid any type of inconvenience. It has a nice serving, and you will enjoy playing with it.

DHS Hurricane 8

DHS hurricane is a super quality rubber design with outclass performance.  Adorable quality but relatively high price. If you cannot compromise on the quality in case of ping pong so you must buy this rubber. Though pricy offers you extreme traits and excellent durability. The thick sheet of about 2.2 mm provides better control of the game. DHS is a quite reliable and quality name in the industry of sports, so you don’t need to be concerned about the quality. It gives you a comfortable playing style with a nice grip.

Hurricane 8 is also available in red and black colors. Unbeatable for the backhand shots and provides outstanding control. Intermediate players would love to use this rubber due to awesome speed and spin. But it is quite expensive, that’s why most of the people may not afford it.  Hurricane 8 is a new generation rubber gives a sticky surface for incredible control but never compromise about the pace of the game. It is the latest technology design with Chinese style rubber but 15% more flexible.