Best Ping Pong Racket for Beginners

Best Ping Pong Racket for Beginners

Ping pong is like table tennis, great sports and the people of all ages; even you are slim or fat, young or old everyone can play this game. It is straightforward and can be quickly adoptable after some matches at the beginning. It is trendy in many countries, and it is appreciated worldwide and on every continent. It is more than just a game which can bring to you funs health and also improve your reflex through playing this game. Ping-Pong is the most popular indoor game in the world and played at the Olympic and Paralympic games. It is the least expensive game you need only table, racket and one ball. Here we shall discuss the best Ping-Pong racket for the beginners and what type of paddle should be used by the beginners.

Ping-Pong racket can also be called as Ping-Pong paddles or bats. The racket is essential to start playing this game, and it is made up of two parts, a wooden blade which includes the handle and rubber which fixed to each side of the paddle with water based glue. For choosing a racket, you can buy a ready-made racket or the individual pieces and make a customized racket. Readymade rackets are suitable for the people who play occasionally or play for fun. Customized rackets are for those who want to improve their skills and for players who wish to play for the competition. But it doesn’t matter if you’re going to use the racket for recreational or professional purpose, you should keep in mind some vital points before you decide which one is best for playing for ping pong.

Essential features for choosing a racket

Paddle Spin

The spin level is essential for the players; it provides a high level of control and an extensive amount of playing styles. Most of the beginners may struggle to make spin balls, but experienced players know the importance of spin and how is simple to beat the other player by using the tactics of spin. High spin rate paddle is highly reactive and some time to a fault when in the hands of beginner users.

Paddle Speed

In the world of Ping-Pong, paddle speed is essential a paddle speed is often a double edge sword. A paddle with fast speed assist in quick return, and control compromised in the meantime. Professional players often play with very fast equipment because they can control better, but slow or medium speed paddle is a good choice for beginners.

Paddle Control

A good control rating is required for the beginners to play Ping-Pong. A control paddle assists the player in returns and serves, but not provide the exceptional spin control. Control will provide an excellent performance rating if you wish to find the best paddle for the budget that you have. The quality of rubber and grip should also consider, especially thickness and direction of the dimples.

Paddle Rubber

Rubber is the outer part of the paddle which covers both sides. The color of the paddle rubbers whether black or red doesn’t matter by itself. Mostly red and black used in both sides of the paddle, the red top sheet is a little harder because of the red dyestuff adding during the rubber production phase. Red rubber is also tacky than the black rubber due to different chemical dye.

. The rubber allows to change for the good paddles, but low-quality paddles need to be throwing out as soon as the rubber becomes worse. The Best Ping Pong Rubber for Intermediate Player will be a type which the Rubber maintenance is one of the most basic ways to keep the paddle in good condition even at the beginning level

Paddle handle

The handle is one of the most significant parts of the Ping-Pong paddle that matters a lot. There are many types of handles designed according to the level of the player. The straight handle is more comfortable for players who grip a paddle loosely while the straight handle is a little bit thinner and suitable for the players with a firm grip. Beginners should select a handle that supports their grip style.

Now we shall discuss some best Ping Pong racket for the beginners.

Donic Appelgren Allplay

It is the best racket for the beginners and recommended for new players because it is a slightly sensitive blade with excellent ball control. It has a perfect all-around blade of donic, which is ideal for the beginners. Its red and black rubber are very spiny, and the soft sponge produces a distinctive sound when playing attacking shots. Its combo weight is almost 175g, which is best to play for the beginners.   

Andro Novacell off Blade

This paddle is also one of the best rackets for the players who have less experience. The blasé has a lot of control and fast enough for the aggressive close-table attacking style. Andro Novacell is a smooth rubber with a lot of spins. If you are a beginner player and have not the more exceptional skill of the game than upgrade to it. After a short time, you will feel your game improving.

TIBHAR Drinkhall Signature

This paddle is excellent for heavy topspin or counter loop from mid-distance. It has the best blade for an aggressive spin game both close to the table and at mid-distance. High-quality arylate carbon and create a fantastic sweet spot for you to both dominate and control the opponent. Drinkhall is designed for an aggressive spin game both close to the table and at mid-distance. You can dominate your opponent with delicate touch play or counter play from some distance.

Palio Expert 2 Paddle

The Palio Expert 2 is an exclusive collaboration between Palio and Expert Table Tennis. Its rubber provides excellent spin and approves by the International Table Tennis Federation. The redesigned expert table tennis blade gives players even better control and feeling, and it is best to paddle racket for the beginners.

Stiga Pro Carbon

Best Ping Pong Paddles for Intermediate Players and the beginner it is made with carbon, it is a fast racket and can generate more than enough spin. It designed with the latest manufacturing technologies and a very high-quality product from the moment pick up the racket. Stiga Pro paddle is made up of balsa wood and 2 of carbon, which makes it very rigid.  It is best to paddle to help you to control speed and control. It packs an incredible amount of spin, and its power is out of this world.

Killerspin Jet

The Killerspin Jet is one of the Best Ping Pong Paddle in the World, it is also the second best choice for the Ping-Pong beginners; it is the best pre-assembled racket and has a lot of spin and power. Killerspin is made from 7 layers of wood with two layers of carbon. This combination gives the paddle a lot of rigidity while keeping the weight down. It makes with the Nitrix-4z rubber; it is helpful for the beginners to produce some brilliant shots without compromising on accuracy. If you love to play shoots from farther away, then this racket is perfect for you. It provides a considerable amount of spin its sticky surface will serve a nightmare for the opponent.

Stiga Evolution

The third best Ping-Pong racket for beginners in my views is Stiga evolution. With an affordable price, this paddle has the best control to speed ratio. Control plays a critical role in the game and being able to send the ball where you want. This Ping-Pong bat designed for practical control. It is made from 6 layers of light wood and uses the latest manufacturing techniques which give the paddle a lot of power and a large spot for maximum accuracy. This paddle is helpful for the beginner players that want to improve their stroke technique. Stiga evolution is the best racket for the beginners that like to play close to the table and want to improve their skills.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo

Butterfly Bals is the best but expensive racket for the beginners. This paddle has incredible speed and massive sping while being very precise and consistent. It is also perfect for the advanced intermediate players and especially for those that focus on offense. It is excellent for looping the ball from mid to far distance and even better for forehand drives or smashes. It uses very high-quality parts that blend to produce a very high-performance racket. It is one of the best for starting a career in Ping Pong. It is twice as good as STIGA Pro Carbon but costs four times as much.

DHS Hurricane II

This a paddle that is designed to play for both beginners as well as intermediate players. This paddle has a different type of rubber on each side on one side; it features the hurricane rubber which designed for the offensive player. You can produce a considerable amount of spin with it and will help to hit the ball extra from the table at dizzying speeds. The other side has the top quality rubber this one also has a very sticky surface, but it focuses more on control, it is slower. It is an excellent gift for the beginners the price of this paddle is bit high, but the packaging and the craftsmanship of the racket is possibly the finest bat that you can get without building one yourself from parts. 

Palio Expert 2

Palio Expert 2 is the best choice for advanced beginners. This paddle gives plenty of ability to generate spin because of this and of the decent speed it will help to improve at a much faster rate. The premium Chinese rubber has made this paddle special. The rubbers of this paddle are very sticky and will allow for massive amounts of spin to be generated. Palio Expert 2 offers the right balance between control and speed. It has the power to send the ball to the other side effortlessly while maintaining a lot of safety in shots. It is a great paddle to get if you are serious about the game and want to get better fast. This racket comes in a carrying case at no additional cost and helps to dust free so that it can keep its ability to produce spin.

Stiga Supreme

This racket is also one of the best options for beginners, the STIGA Supreme, is a racket that emphases on control and is meant primarily for defending players. It is well known, and the main selling point is its weight. The rubber is not the good out there; it is good enough to generate a decent amount of spin for serving and not reactive to incoming spin which will allow you to return a lot more ball to the table’s surface. It is not a fast paddle; it is a great paddle to learn the game with the affordable price of the paddle.

Killerspin JET 600

Killerspin is another best choice for beginner players of Ping-Pong. It is a litter faster than the other STIGA model, but it does manage to maintain the right level of control and game of the beginners improve after playing a few matches with this racket. The key benefit of the JET 600 is that it uses the same rubber as the higher-end offerings from Killerspin. Beginners, especially those exercising a defensive style, will like this racket very much. It is an excellent choice for this stage in table tennis journey. After a couple of months of practice this racket help to improve playing skills of the player.

Stiga Apex                                                                                                       

What Is Best Ping Pong Paddle Ever well it might also be the best paddle to get as a beginner as it is easily better than cheap wooden paddles that usually come with the table. It is one of the lightest paddle in the market and weighing only 149g; it allows you to play a game without even feeling it in your hand. With this paddle, your shots will be faster and land with better accuracy on the table. Coming from a cheaper paddle the spin you will be able to generate will seem perfect. If you are looking for a great, affordable ping pong paddle to help improve fast then choosing the Stiga Apex is a no brainer. The mistake a beginner player can make is to get a fast paddle too soon. Being a slow and easy to control paddle this paddle allows you to do just that.