Best Ping Pong Paddles for Intermediate Players

Best Ping Pong Paddles for Intermediate Players
Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

STIGA Pro Carbon

It is the finest racquet available at the moment, its execution resembles that of JET 800 although its price is about half currently. This paddle is very swift and can produce extra rotation.

Given that it is STIGA’s  finest  product in the ready-made category, you can rest assured that they have made use of the newest fabrication automation. You can feel from the onset that this commodity has an elevated calibre when you handle it.

The edge is made of five films of balsa wood and two of carbon that enables it to be firm. Due to this, it got enormous potential and accuracy. Competitors that strike the ball on short and long intervals will derive much from it.

You wouldn’t have both enormous potential and stability from the paddle. You have to select swiftness and ameliorate your accuracy or you forfeit your enormous potential for enhanced stability. With that in mind, the ProCarbon‘s shortcoming is in the fact that you will need reasonable time to be familiar with the enhanced swiftness.

If it dawns on you as an intermediate competitor that further execution cannot be derived from the paddle, it follows that STIGA Pro Carbon is an awesome paddle to scale up to.

Killerspin JET 800 Speed NI

This is the finest ready-made paddle from Killespin’s menu and it comes with much rotation and potential.

The paddle is composed of seven films of wood and two of carbon which makes it long lasting and to provide a good counter-attack. This combination provides the edge with much firmness and at the same time maintain a low load. Firmness is synonymous with potential and this paddle is alive to that fact.

Consisting of  Nitrix -4z rubber, the paddle will give you a leeway to generate eruptive strikes without forfeiting precision. Just in case you like to strike the ball from a lengthy distance, then certainly you will really appreciate this paddle.

The paddle fires crazy loads of rotations and most likely that is why it is referred to us as the Killerspin. The tenacious exterior of the paddle will give your rivals a rough time while hitting the ball to begin play.  

It’s very user friendly in terms of weight. Its downside, however, is that it is expensive. It seems to be a notch higher than a lot of other models.

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racquet

It consists of six layers of scanty wood and makes use of fabrication automation that provides the paddle with a lot of ability and a bigger area for enhanced precision. The distinction will rise swiftly as you will manage to get plenty more 38 mm ping pong balls on the table’s surface.          

The paddle has a good command to speed ratio and is popular because of its pocket-friendly price.

 Sway is important in a ping pong game in terms of having the ball where you want it on the surface as this determines if you come out victorious or otherwise and this paddle was tailored for this.

This paddle is ideally used by a competitor who needs to advance his hit method and have more space for mistakes.

The paddle is possibly the finest for protective competitors that like to compete nearer the board.

The scanty weight and the power it has will provide you with a sizeable advantage while hitting or countering the ball across the mesh.

Suppose you are upgrading from an inexpensive racquet, the pace will appear overwhelming initially. However, as you better up yourself, you’ll become more refined.

Going by the output of this paddle, it is a right choice to buy.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Tenergy 80 FX Proliner Rackect

It has unbelievable swiftness, enormous rotation and at the same time it is accurate and undeviating. This paddle can be used to give you the best pickleball paddle for spin

Worth noting  is that, it’s  not your ordinary ready-made racket and makes use of Tenergy 80 FX for the gum elastic and the Butterfly BalsaCarbo X5 edge. These are components of an elevated level. Essentially, it is a customer-tailored paddle.

The commodity is targeted at elevated transitional players particularly those keen on mounting an attack against their opponents..

DHS Hurricane II

It is meant for a transitional player. Although it is not the most robust paddle that there is, its performance is a notch higher when compared to similar ones. The immense distinction between it and its rivals is that, it has a distinct gum elastic on each side. On one surface, it has Hurricane rubber tailored for a combatant competitor. You can generate an immense load of rotation and it enables you to strike the ball to a long distance at a lightning pace. The reverse surface of the paddle has the G555 gum elastic embedded.

Its other selling point is that it is available at an expert’s level with a comprehensive bundle. It comprises of a carry-on, two balls and a strip to cushion the side surface of the racket.                     

This Kit can easily pass for a wonderful present.

Palio Expert 2

In this case we have a selection for the mature starter. As opposed to an affordable, lesser standard, this paddle will provide a leeway to produce whirl. Due to this and its reasonable pace, this paddle will enable you to get better more swiftly.

The unique thing about this racket is that it uses the premium Palio CJ8000 that is tenacious and facilitate enormous loads of whirl to be produced. These rubbers are tailor-made and you may purchase individually. Therefore you can change the rubber on either surface when they get tattered.

STIGA Supreme

This paddle is meant for starters and centres on stability and is ideal for offensive players.

Its advantage is that it is light and is composed of six films of thin wood using the Crystal Tech and Tube technology. It’sonly 140g heavy which is an advantage to competitors who like to contest near the table.

Although the gum elastic is not the finest, it’s sufficient to produce a considerable load of rotation for hitting the ball to commence the play. The gum elastic for the near future was tailored with stability in mind. Thus, it’s not responsive to approaching whirl which enables you to counter numerous balls to the surface.

This paddle features prominently because,  it has six layers in its edge as opposed to other brands going for the same price that are still composed of five. It has a tube technology in the middle layer and therefore reducing the heaviness of the racket considerably and facilitating a swift game.

Its downside, however, is that, it strains to generate much power. Consequently, rear players are disadvantaged in terms of the distance they can contest away from the table.

Were it not for its bare  minimum  weight facilitating  swift response , then it would have  adversely affected protective competitors.

Due to its composition in terms of minimum weight, then it comes across as a nice racket where competitors centre of interest is on countering the opponent’s shot while cushioning his side instead of attacking the rival.

Killerspin Jet 600

This is a transitional player’s   racket that nearly fits on paddle’s  big stage and is quicker in comparison to Stiga Apex, it comes with a reasonable amount of stability. Your performance will certainly look up shortly after taking part in a number of games using this paddle.

A principal feature of this paddle is that it utilizes rubber just like the top-notch models. It consists of Nitrix-4Z gum elastic which provides it with a lot of rotation.

Forehands loop will become simple to carry out and your shots will not be repulsed easily. However, this racket doesn’t have swiftness advantage. Owing to the fact that it has five layers of inferior level of wood, the edge will be thin which will make it absorb a lot of shots’ impact emanating from your opponent. Nevertheless, the racket provides a lot of rotation capability and a great level of stability.

Starters particularly those practising a protective style will have a soft spot for this racket. It is a fantastic selection for this level in your table tennis career. Following a number of months of exercises, you will feel comfortable to upgrade to a swifter alternative for instance Jet 800.     


It provides the most minimal action as opposed to the others that we have looked at. It provides enormous value for money. This racket is probably the finest to commence with as a starter because it outperforms other low price paddles that are sold together with the table.

It is composed of five layers of thin plywood making it very portable. Measuring 149g on the scales, this racket will enable you to contest successive matches without feeling tired in your hand.

It has STIGA’s WRB technology, meaning your hits will be swift and descends with more accuracy on the playing surface. Emanating from a low price racket, the rotation that you will manage to unleash will be crazy. However, you will become accustomed to it in the course of time.

When searching for an awesome, pocket-friendly racket to assist you in getting better quickly, it follows that selecting the Apex is an obvious conclusion. It won’t be advisable for a beginner to settle for a swift racket too soon. At the commencement level, it’s important to have considerable accuracy in your hits and advance the right hitting techniques. As a slow-moving and easy to manipulate racket, the Apex will enable you to achieve that.


The above are the Best Ping Pong Paddles for Intermediate Players prevailing in the market currently, a number will be ideal for starters while others for middle level or professionals. In existence, are high-priced, revved-up paddles and also low-priced ones providing immense degrees of swiftness and rotation. Irrespective of what you are searching for, an ideal paddle exists for you on this list.