Best Ping Pong Paddle in the World – Ultimate Guide

Best Ping Pong Paddle in the World – Ultimate Guide

Best Ping Pong Paddle in the World – Ultimate Guide

The paddle makes one of the critical tools for your success in ping pong play. It goes without saying; the racket must be able to perform to its utmost best. Most people, especially those new to table tennis, might assume that all rackets are similar. The answer is: they are not.

Look, a beginner’s racket cannot resemble that of a pro. A professional in the game, have much control over their rackets and can perform numerous type of strokes and spins. On the other hand, a newbie doesn’t understand what they are. In short, a racket will determine whether you win or lose your game. 

In recent years, ping pong has gained popularity. Such popularity has led to the development of numerous kinds of paddles. It might be difficult for a player to select the best table tennis racket from a sea of such equipment without proper guidance.

This article concentrates on the best paddle you can find in the market today. Besides, you’ll get to understand how different ping pong paddles work and who they are suited for.

STIGA Pro Carbon 6.5 oz998
Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1 6.9 oz1097
Stiga Evolution 6.5 oz889
Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Tenergy 80 FX 5.6 oz10107

DHS Hurricane II
5.9 oz997
Palio Expert 2 5.5 oz769
Killerspin JET 600 6.2 oz5510
STIGA Apex 5.2 oz5410

Let’s begin

Ways of identifying the best paddle from the numerous types

Most people confuse the price for the quality. The bad thing about purchasing equipment is you do not know how they function until you have used them. Who would lend you equipment to use then pay later? I guess very or even no one.

It is essential to read reviews on particular types of paddles before purchasing them. Also, the level of your play, types of competitions and racket construction are critical factors to consider. Nothing is discouraging like spending cash on an item you won’t use.

The common factors to look at are:

  1. Reviews

What others say about paddles is very critical. Professional players have had quite an experience with different kinds of rackets. As such, they can give you a reliable recommendation about the best ping pong paddle in the world.

Besides, if you are a member of a ping pong club, you can test other player’s paddles. You weigh how comfortable they are, as well as the aesthetics they come with. This way, you will be able to settle on the best paddle reliably.

  1. The level of your experience

Your experience determines your play type, and the kind of play you exhibit determines the type of paddle to use. A high performing paddle will make you win more games.

Beginners have only necessary skills. The speed of their games is meager.  As such, they need a paddle that is easy to handle.  Such paddles have lower ratings. Remember, during the game, the player will need to put down the ball on the table. To most beginners, learning the correct stroke mechanics is more critical as opposed to gaining higher speeds and learning how to spin.

Advanced stage players need paddles that have top ratings. To these types of players, speed, spinning, and strokes are very critical. Besides, the players are skillful enough to handle challenges from talented opponents. For a pro, they can buy any kind of paddles provided they can afford.

Some skills like smashes will be well accomplished if a heavier racket will be used. Similarly, faster and heavier rackets perform exceptionally well if you are on the hitting or attacking side. On the contrary, a lighter, easy to maneuver racket works well if you want to block a shot or your play style is always defensive.

  1. Racket rating

The different manufacturer rates their rackets differently. However, they either use a 100 point or 10-point scale.  The evaluation looks at three racket qualities: speed, spin, and control. It might difficult to compare the paddles from different manufacturers, primarily if they use a separate rating.

Even when they use a similar rating mode, some differences do occur. However, as a player, you know what to expect. Highly rated rackets are high performing. For instance, the STIGA pro carbon comes at a speed and spin of 9 and a control rating of 8. So far, pro carbon is one of the most potent paddles in the market.

Batting ratings are:

  1. Racket spin

A right racket will generate higher spin.  The ability of a racket to create a spin is dependent on the quality of rubber majorly and on a small scale the weight. Rackets with softer and tackier rubber can generate higher spins.

  • Racket speed

Speed is a crucial factor, especially if you want to attack.  Faster paddles will give much more speed at less energy expenditure. If you plan to upgrade from a slower version of a paddle to this kind, be ready to witness a huge difference.

To put it into perspective, if you are using a high-speed racket, hold it just for a block; the ball will hit it and return to the side of the table. If it were low speed, it would only reach the net.

  • Racket control

Every player needs accurate as well as consistent shots. Rackets control is a product of speed and spin. A racket that spin focused has extremely low error chances. Such a racket results in control loss.

These kinds of rackets are not the right choice for beginners. If you are a newbie, consider using a racket that you can easily control, and leave these powerful rackets to the advanced and intermediate players.

  • Power

Power is a term that combines the hardness of material on the blade and handles and padding material found between rubber and paddle blade. In real sense, power ratings will mean the measure of how much energy a bat can absorb when it is returning a shot. When the value is higher, it means that it absorbs less power hence a much stronger return.

Much as a higher power rating is desirable, it comes with a disadvantage of poor control of shots. That means if your play style defensive, you might not find this type of bats right for you. The bat remains, an excellent choice for offensive players.

The blade usually has wood glued together, giving a laminated appearance. In other instances, it might be laminated with fiberglass between the layers to make it lighter and efficient in energy absorption.

Best Four Bats for Ping Pong

Stiga Pro Carbon

This ping pong bat tops most lists when it comes to finding the best bat. The bat comes at an affordable price but packs excellent features that make it perform like the most expensive counterparts.

The make utilizes the latest technology, and here is where quality comes in. The blade of the bat is made up of 7 layers – 2 carbon layers and five balsa wood layers. The materials are lightweight and rigid, thanks to the carbon incorporation. The bat has a lot of power too.

The features of these paddles make it an option for those players who want to upgrade. Remember, the racket is packed with a lot of power, which will mean you need to learn how to control it to get the most out of the racket.

The spin rating of the racket is an impressive ten out of ten, and a speed of 9.9. If you are an offensive player, this is your racket. Such features qualify it to a professional bat. The best part is it comes at half price of bats that equals it in performance and quality.

The only downside of the Stiga Pro Carbon is that much of its qualities wear out when the rubbers wear. However, speed remains top.


  • Size: 2 x 6.2 x 21.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Material: carbon and balsa wood


  • Utilizes carbon technology giving it higher overall performance
  • Lightweight
  • ITTF approved
  • top performance Ratings

Killerspin JET200

Though a newcomer, Killerspin JET200 has won the hearts of many ping pong players. The paddles are considered as an entry level racket; however, it performs well for individuals who want are getting seriously into table tennis. So who does make the who makes the best ping pong paddles in the world?

With a speed rating of 6 players who seek to learn how to control the game as well as improve their skills can find this bat helpful.

The paddle comes with a bit low power, but its control is exceptional. In essence, the tool performs well with players who can play aggressively. It can withstand numerous uses without bowing. However, continued use of the rackets causes breakage.

The blade of the Killerspin JET200 is built of 5-ply while the rubber is of extremely high quality. The quality of rubber does not compromise on the spin as other paddles do. Besides, the rubber is fresh and beautiful.


  • Size: 6.1 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Construction: 5 layers


  • Premium construction
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Comes with a storage case
  • An excellent piece for learners


  • Prone to breakages

Killerspin Jet 800 Speed N1

These types of paddles come pre-assembled. It is famed for its excellent spinning ability and power. It has a speed of rating of 10, spin of 9, and control of 7. Overall, the paddle has a rating of 9.3 out of the possible 10. Such capabilities are the best players who are experienced.

Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1 boasts of sturdy construction, thanks to the seven-layer construction – 5 carbon layers and two carbon layers. These construction makes the paddles surprisingly low weight but extremely rigid. That means that the paddle has a lot of power.

Any pro out there who is ready to shoot explosive shots, then the Killerspin JET 800 can do that exceptionally well. The Nitrix-4z rubber on the blade has greater precision when it comes to delivering shots. The surface is sticky, which translates to a higher power. If you do service with this racket, the opponent might find it difficult to return.

In summary, this is the fastest racket you can currently find in the market. The only downside is that it is a bit pricy.


  • Size: 6.1 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight 9.4 ounces
  • Construction: 9 layers


  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Very high-performance rating
  • Highly accurate
  • Professional grade
  • Sturdy construction – Carbon technology for speed and power


  • Highly Priced
  • Butterfly

Butterfly 401

Butterfly 401 is an excellent choice for beginners. While the price of this equipment is highly affordable, its performance is one of the best for a beginner level. The speed and spin have a rating of 8.5 while the control stands at 8.5. Players that want to control their game can make use of this bat.

The construction of the equipment makes it last longer. The blade can hold up long enough to the beating due to frequent usage.  The rubber retains its tackiness for a longer time when compared to other paddles. You can use this paddle for a longer time, without worrying about its performance.

The downside of the Butterfly 401 is that it has poor balance.  When you compare it to other entry-level paddles, it has the lowest control. Also, players with large hands can find it challenging to use the paddles because it comes with a smaller than average handle.


  • Size: 7 x 12 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Sturdy construction
  • Rubber: Yuki 2.1mm rubber


  • Ergonomic handles
  • ITTF approved
  • Has a high-quality rubber (butterfly Yuki table tennis rubber) and sponge
  • Approved for tournaments


  • Smaller handles


Best ping pong paddle in the world is the one that can help you achieve your ping pong goals. In this article, only four have been reviewed – but the market has other types of bats.

The above guide is only to help you find a bat that will serve you in the level you are in. As your skills improve, you’ll need to find a racket with a higher rating.  Remember, technology is dynamic. So, expect the release of new and high performing paddles.

 Before you make a purchase, always consult widely. It will be disappointing to spend money on a paddle that you might not use, because of one reason or the other.