Basketball board game with ping pong ball

Basketball board game with ping pong ball

Basketball board game with ping pong ball is statistical gameplay on the board which plays with board and ball. It allows recreating NBA games realistically and quickly. A basketball board game is a simple game which can play by using two six-sided dice of different types of colors like one white and one dark with two team charts. A ruler is an option which can also use. In the board game, you are as a spectator which attends the game and realistically watches its stats. It is a simple and basic as well as advanced game which allows statistically choosing the detail by giving the possibility to keep track of time played by the players, disqualifications, possessions of a team and the chance to use special playoffs rules. At the starting, it takes some time to understand the rules of the game for the beginners, but after learning the mechanism it is easy to play and the entire game in about less than half hour while keeping every kind of individual stats. 

In the basketball board, game players use spring-loaded levers for popping the ping pong ball in the basketball up in the air and through the hoop of the opponent. Method of scoring is the same as the real basketball playing field is indented to persuade the ball towards the levers. Levers are angled to shoot the ball at the hoop. In the basketball board game ball has significance; spin and speed of the ball should be considered to play this game.

How to choose Ping pong ball for the Basketball board game

If you are keen to play the basketball board game, then it is important to choose some best ping pong balls. You can’t play the basketball board game without having an excellent ping pong ball. The ball has categorized in different quality the star showing on the ball. The stars show different levels like 1 star for practice ball, 2-star for training balls and 3 stars for the professional tournament balls. Some of the manufacturers come out with 4-stars and 5 star balls, but they are not in reality rated above 3 stars. According to most of the expert, 3 stars is the highest and most consistent quality. The standard size ping pong balls should feature 40mm size. The main difference between the balls is the shell thickness. Many balls made of good quality; some good manufacturers can come out with the best quality balls that can hold up against the tough competition. 

Manufacturing of ping pong ball for basketball board game

In the starting, the ping pong ball made of rubber covered with cloth than the material replaced by celluloid. On the other hand, celluloid production is on decreasing and is replaced gradually by the non-celluloid ball that made of poly-plastic material.

How to Choose the Ping pong ball

Although it is difficult to choose the best ping pong ball, some of the things to look for is to ensure the balls are good to play the basketball board game. The first thing to look for in to ensure the ball does not have a seam around the middle of it that is visible. If there is a seam, you should reject the ball that ball will often have a flat spot around the seam area. The other main thing which should consider how the firm is the ball. Try to press the ball to feel the level of flexibility if the ball caved in on the side with the press; then it may not take a good quality ball. With this trainer ball, you can see the same amount of pressure, and the ball does not move. It is what to count the firmness of the ball, and on the three-star ball, you can put a lot of pressure and the ball, not press or cave in.

Now we will discuss some of the best ping pong balls for the basketball board game:-

Stiga 1 Star Ball

As the name shows, it is the 1-star ball; it lodges behind the two and three star balls in quality. But they have their quality and importance in ping pong and basketball board game. It has 40mm regulations sized ball are the best of their kinds. Stiga offers standard weighed balls in the pack with color option of white and orange. These are used for average grade ping pong balls in fact, are not made for tournament or professional class match. It can be used as family entertainment matches. These balls are likely to use for few games if you hit it hard it won’t be surviving anymore. It is a cheap practice ball for beginners. In other words, STIGA-1 Star is a low quality and cheap practice ball after all.

STIGA 1 Star Multicolor Ball

It is an excellent choice for beginners and made for recreational play. It contains six pieces set comprises 1-star ping pong balls in beautiful colors. Although these balls not used during tournament play. Kids will love to play with this set of beautiful colors balls. But be careful as they might start fighting over certain colors. You have the option to choose the color variation it offers. STIGA 1 Star have the basic features the set is a complete delight for family recreations. If you are the beginner in the basketball board game, then you should prefer this balls.

3. Franklin Sports 1 Star Ball

It is usually for the casual play and practice for the basketball board game. It is China made and comes in a pack of 18 and 26 and a few more sets. The average size of these balls is the 40mm size with a weight range from to 2.6g to 2.9-gram weight. Franklin Sports ball provides consistent bounce and accurate spin within their reach. It has a seamless round shape with the low price and also with the little bounce.

4. Killerspin 2 Star

If you want to make your game better, then Killerspin 2 Star is the best option. It is economical while buying a basketball board game. It is one of those to surpass Stiga balls. These are available in both orange and white color. This quality ball is good for practice as well as working out sessions for the board game as well as for ping pong. Killerspin 2 star has marvelous spin and bounce so the player can focus on the game, not on the ball. They are strong, durable, and robust to create a dent. If you decide to go for a two-star ball pack, then this is the good choice one for the time being. It is perfect on training sessions if you use it maybe you would fall in love with it.

5. East point Sports 40mm Balls

    East point Sports 40mm balls are bouncy and professional with the official size and weight it provides consistent bounce and spin. To use this ball on a board game is a good idea. It is capable of taking hard slams and survive even in the competition. Play a whole week with this ball could withstand your beating continuously. It can compare with the three-star ball in the market, spin and bounce seem consistent, and the ball travels back quickly.

6. Ipong Ball set 2 Star

    Ipong Ball is as unique as its name; these are a hundred counts two star and orange colored plastic balls. It is the real brand for the basketball board game. You can expect much from these two star balls. For the price your pay IPong balls surely repay. But as a two-star ball, these are not the perfect ball to play the competitive, hard games. These balls are good for the practice sessions because they are cheap enough that you can buy it again. The shape and material of the ball are perfect for playing the board games. These balls are the best option if you are looking for board games. In the ping pong, it recommends for the solo practice.

7. GOGO 3 Star ball

As its name show, it is the 3 Star ping pong ball which uses for the professional tournament. This ball is one the favorite choice of the professional players because it has the ideal spin and bounce. The manufacture crafted this ball for the long term use. No matter if you’re doing club training, family or friend event you will enjoy an all-around play. GOGO 3 star ball is a combination of unswerving bounce, perfect control and longer volleys in play. It manufactured with celluloid material which is helpful to make this ball robust, spring and lightweight. This ball is an excellent innovation for those who love to play a basketball board game with a ping pong ball. If you have this ball, then you don’t need to carry plenty of balls in one box altogether.

8. Xushaofa 40 Seamless Poly Balls 3 Star

     It is another 3-star ping pong ball with the almost 5-star rating from my views. The seamless ball combines polyplastic material which stands for more time than conventional celluloid balls. This ball offers more bounce and accuracy and keep it consistent and have spectacular spin and nearly 85% accuracy. Speed of this ball is average. A shell of this game is strong enough but can be drill holes in them. Xushaofa 3 star ball is the best option for beginners and practice sessions. It has better durability, and it tends to last longer than ordinary ping pong ball in the market.  The main specification of this ball is that it is almost perfectly round shape truly seamless in the middle and has a fair price.

9. Keven Z 3-Star 40 mm Orange ball

   Keven Z 3 Star 40 mm is a durable wobble free and seamless ping pong ball and mark for the best quality. This ball is manufactured under strict supervision to meet these specifications. These balls are durable in construction and do not crack before hundreds of hits. It is the best ball for competitions and casual tournaments etc. Keven Z 3 Star has superior spin, great bounce, and perfect control to ensure complete satisfaction during the game. This ball will help you to enjoy the game no matter you are professional or beginner in the basketball board game. The hardness of the ball is higher than other balls in the same price range and are reliable in terms of size and shape rest assured they are wobble-free when spin.

10. STIGA 3 Star Ping pong balls

      As the name shows, it is a 3-star ping pong ball which is superior for firmness. You can say it is a magic ball which assists you to have superior bounce and great spin in play. Compared to one and two star balls, these are definitely of high quality and performance. Weight of this ball is perfect with heavier gauge than the other balls, another thing, ball travel is speedy enough, and it curves quite much after the bounce. Price of the ball is also flexible. If you love playing every day on your basketball board game, these balls are less likely to frustrate you. Color of this ball is also ideal; orange seems to an excellent choice because white balls are sometimes hard to see off the table. The size of the ball is also bigger than other STIGA ping pong balls.

11. Butterfly 3 Star Poly Ping pong ball

      The last but not least is one of the best ping pong ball available in the market. It comes with a 3-star rating, which makes them perfect for any game use it for the competition or practice. The ball is made of high-quality Polystyrene material, making them tough and long-lasting. The color of this ball is white, which makes them attractive as well as detectable during a game. The ball is completely seamless and has a perfectly round shape. Each ball has perfect bounce and spin, which is loved by the players. The ball has great bounce, spin, and control are just perfect.