Barrington ping pong table reviews

Ping pong is also known as table tennis and is one of the popular game in the world it is famous among all the age of people in many parts of the world. It is a simple and exciting game that can be played by two or four players. It is easy to play and is certainly a game for and a game for life, anyone can get involved at any time and continue to play on this table. It is particularly good for developing fitness, coordination, and fitness. It is helpful to develop the strength and power of muscles and also improve hand-eye coordination with the concentration required for serving and returning shots.  It can play indoor and outdoor and one of the least expensive game, players need only ball, racket and table to play this game. Here we shall review about Barrington ping pong tables and which things should consider when buying a table for ping pong.

There is a wide variety of ping pong tables in the market, but how we ensure that we pick the best table? Ping pong tables are available at lots of different prices from cheap to expensive, but the price only will not indicate whether that specific table is good for you or not. Before buying the table, it should be kept in mind how often will your table be used? Daily, weekly, monthly or occasionally and which player is using the table either by a professional player, recreational player, league or club player or using by family or friends. However, to play the table, outdoor tennis players need the right type of table and the right weather conditions. Indoor tables have much better playing surface than an outdoor table if you want to play for the competition you should prefer an indoor table. Some indoor tables can also use as outdoor for some time, but it is good to move them back inside after you’ve finished playing. Windy conditions also cause dust to blow onto the table surface, which can impede the bounce of the ball. Some points should consider before deciding to buy the Ping-Pong table. 

Some features for choosing a Ping-Pong Table


Portability should be check for choosing a ping pong table whether you are going to leave the table set up for a long time or you will frequently move to other places. If you are going to take here and there constantly then you want an easy setup, preferably a table which can be fold-up and handled by an individual and allow to move quickly. Few models of the ping pong table have brakes on the wheels that can be applied to stop the table movement during playing.


According to the experts, ping pong table with 1 inch thick tops are good to buy. Most of the intermediate and expert players prefer a 1-inch thick top just so that they have a similar table to what they will play on tournaments.  The thickness helps to bounce the ball, and it matters during competition. 

Strong Legs

It should ensure that the table has strong legs and support if you are planning to use for a long time. Leg levelers should also be kept in mind these can be useful when the floor isn’t level the levelers can be fastened in and out to keep the height of the table.  The legs should be at least 30inches above the floor.


Net is the essential factor that should be tight on both sides. Net attachments should have a soft covering where they grip the table. Put some sticky felt on the net clams. Clamps that are used by the net don’t dig into the surface or underside the table. The standard size of the net all around the world is 6inches or 15.25cm.

Reviews of some best quality Outdoor Barrington Ping-Pong Table:

1. Stiga Vapor Outdoor

It is a foldable model by Stiga which has been treated to withstand outdoor conditions. It has a durable playing surface and frame are built to withstand a lot of use and the best choice for family usage for years. It made from an aluminum-plastic surface that has painted. It is helpful to resist warping that would occur possibly with wooden models left in the elements. It has less bounce as compared to the wooden table and tends to play faster with low bounces. Like another foldable model by Stiga, it is lightweight might not make it able to handle wind or other stormy conditions. It is waterproof, rust resistant, and portable and has excellent stability and durability.

2. Stiga XTR Outdoor

It is the best outdoor table for those who love to play outside, it is made from aluminum and can withstand all types of weather conditions, including rain and snow. This model of the table won’t warp when exposed to moisture the way indoor models can. It is designed for fast set up and takes just 10 minutes to set it up on the lawn. The legs have a self-folding design that allows to unfold the table and start a game quickly. It is favorite among players because that allows them to store the table in a garage or an outdoor shed. It has Great playability with all-weather performance

3. Harvil Outsider

It is the low-cost outdoor table and is one of the only weather-resistant tables on the market, and it is strong enough to withstand almost all weather conditions.  Harvil Outsider made from a powder-coated steel frame and an aluminum top that will not rust. It is easy to move from one place to another and can set up easily.  Legs of this table quickly fold down from the tabletop. All four of the legs have casters that let you wheel the table and then lock the wheels down. It has a blue playing surface with a clearly marked white line that helps to keep track of the ball.

4. Killerspin MyT Street Edition Outdoor

Killerspin outdoor edition table is a combination of both style and quality and made from specialized waterproof aluminum plastic. It is well known for its lightweight and edgy design because of its less weight is much more easily moveable than the typical outdoor use table. The entire weight of the table is only 145 pounds, and each side of the table separates for even more easy movement of the table. It has more spin than a typical table, and the playing surface is a 0.16-inch thick aluminum and plastic that tends to play faster and with more spin than the standard ping pong table. The best thing about this table is that it is quick to assemble and takes only 15 minutes.

5. JOOLA Externa Outdoor

It is completely used for outdoor game and is made to be set up and left where you want it. JOOLA Externa is made to withstand heat, rain, snow, frost direct sunlight, and temperature changes. Like other weatherproofed surfaces there is little bounce lost because of the ball sliding as it strikes the table. But JOOLA Externa does not seem to lose bounce as many outdoor tables. It is one of the heavy duty weatherproof tested model and has sturdy 22 mm fiberglass reinforced polyester surface.

6. JOOLA Nova Outdoor

JOOLA Nova Outdoor is the lightweight mobile table and suited for outdoor storage more than permanent outdoor setup. This table is capable of outside play at a price which is very wallet friendly. It has a 30-millimeter steel tube frame and supports and able to handle the harsh weather conditions. Top of the table made from 6mm thick aluminum and plastic composite surface that is resistant to weather as well as cracks that can occur with play. You can leave it out without any worry even when it is storming or raining  

7. Cornilleau Sport Outdoor

Cornilleau Sport is an innovate design outdoor ping pong table as its curved supports and legs give it a distinct active look. Although expensive than most other mobile outdoor tables, it has incredible specifications. It is a waterproof table and has a great bounce it is also safe and easy to fold for storage.

8. Cornilleau Pro 510

Cornilleau Pro 510 is made to be a permanent outdoor fixture; it is made to be set up and played around the year. It has the same innovative design as Cornilleau Sport Outdoor, but made to be set up and left one place. It can withstand the weather, sunlight, and glare as well as provide indoor quality play. The table came with a permanent, tamper-proof steel net and fixed on a galvanized steel frame. It is best for places like parks, playgrounds, resorts, and campgrounds and also best for the homeowner looking for an addition to their outdoor recreation.

9. Butterfly Sport Outdoor Rollaway

It is another best outdoor table it offers to play anywhere versatility at a price much lower than many outdoor use tables. The most attractive features of this table are the low profile of it when stored, folding up more than two feet wide. Butterfly sport is relatively light weight makes it an easy unit to bring outside when the weather is agreeable. Like another outdoor model, it is ideal for a sunny portion or being kept in a shed and brought out when needed.

Reviews of some best quality Indoor Barrington Ping-Pong Table:

1. JOOLA Inside

It is an excellent choice for the beginning player or some that need to practice. It is low price ping pong table has a price less than four hundred dollars; this equipment is ideal for the family or friends that want equipment that they can get out of the way when not in use. It is also turned into two freestanding models if needed for entertaining. It is easier to move as it can become two lighter sections as opposed to one heavy and potentially bulky unit. It is for those who are looking for flexibility as well as the economy. 

2. Sponeta Super Compact

It is the premium indoor table on the higher end of the foldable models in both price and quality. This table offers a lot of services for the money spent, and an excellent choice for those who want something that is on balance with tournament-level models and still offer the convenience of a foldable model. It is 1-inch thick chipboard surface, and its steel frame is hard to move when it is open.  It is easy equipment to store and has wheelchair access.

3. STIGA Advantage

It is the most affordable and best choice for players who prefer to play inside. It specially designed for those who want to recreate tournament play at home easy to set up and store easily. It comes with completely assembled, which makes it easier to play at home. This table has rolling casters on the bottom that roll it to the location where you want to play. Stiga advantage indoor is the best choice for both adults and kids and comfortable to use.

4. Viper Arlington Indoor

Viper Arlington Indoor offers a style which makes it stands out from the class of entry-level units. As compared to other models made to fold for storage, this model of ping pong indoor table can commend for its relatively less storage size. This model compacts to fit in a two-foot wide space only while it did require calmness when opening and closing. It is well design and well-made table that offers comparable quality of play to other units at its price point.

5. STIGA Expert Roller

It is the top quality choice for those who love to play indoor, although it is an expensive model between the features of this and STIGA’s popularity for high-quality sport equipment goods, user can quickly get money’s worth in this table. It is foldable and occupies a little space, and it is likely a bit much for the person buying their first equipment. STIGA Expert Roller is the right choice for those looking for a unit that withstands years of use and still plays well.