A Short Course on the Best Rated Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Any experienced ping pong player will tell you how essential each equipment is in playing ping pong. As you already know, the game is played on a table. So, the table is the regulated playing surface of this game. As such, the game is commonly called table tennis.

Walking around ping pong playing grounds or sops you might have seen some table tennis tables. But have you ever thought of evaluating these tables?  Just like any playing field, these tables come with their own strict and standard features to make them perform their duties to perfection, whether outdoors or indoors.

Let’s take a look at the table.

Ping Pong Table

A ping pong table is a surface on which table tennis is played. For a fact, it is a regulated surface that has specific features for the game of table tennis.

The table measures 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. This playing surface is elevated 2.5 feet above the grounds. Such height is a convenient height for players of different heights, while the width gives players enough spaces to move around correctly to tackle the ball.

Additionally, these tables have a center that has a net that is 6 inches high. The net also stretches 6 inches beyond the width of the table.

In national competitions, these tables have a length of 144 inches and a width of 72 inches. In international competitions, a table tennis table must have a length of 168 inches and a width of 84 inches.

The table is built from different materials. Each material performs well if the table is a standard one. The choice of material will depend on some factors, including preference and taste. However, the bottom line is, the table must give you a uniform ball bounce. The bounce height is usually 9.1 inches high when dropped from a height of 11.8 inches/

The common materials that are used to construct the table include plywood, fiberglass, plastic, metal particle board, or concrete.

A table tennis table can be a simple table or a more sophisticated table. That will depend on the quality of the material. In either case, these tables aren’t cheaper types. So, if you intend to buy such tables, you have to do an in-depth to get the quality that will give you value for your money.

Certainly, you will have to look at the critical features and make comparisons among different types of tables.

Before that, you need to understand that a ping pong table can be used indoors or outdoors. While an indoor table tennis table may offer standard playing features, the best rated outdoor ping pong table must possess additional features to make it function well in the outdoor environment.

However, both kinds of tables must possess features that define a standard ping pong table.

Features of a Ping Pong Table

There numerous advertisements when it comes to ping pong tables. Such adverts might be significantly misleading.  Important characteristics to look at in ping pong tables include:

Surface Thickness

The thickness of the table is an essential feature because it determines how the ball behaves o the table. The behavior of the ball determines how the game will be.

The thickness of the table surface varies from 5/8 inch to 1 inch. The thick surfaces come at higher prices (expensive) than the thinner surfaces because they are the best quality.

Note that when the surface of the table is thicker, it offers a better bounce. On the other hand, medium surface thickness offers considerably good bounce. Such tables are only good for practice.

For outdoor ping pong tables, you will need to look beyond the thickness of the surface. Since the table will be outside, it is essential to ensure that the table material can withstand such conditions.

The tables are built with materials that are weather resistant and work well against glare and warping.

Note that such additional materials will increase the cost of production. This means that the tables come at slightly higher prices.

Surface material

The top material of ping pong tables should withstand weather elements. Most tables utilize either aluminum or stainless steel. Still, others use melamine coatings and laminate.

A material that you choose to use on the surface must be rust resistant in addition to other features to be able to serve you long. That is why most tables utilize the aluminum composite.


If you plan to play you ping pong outdoors, you need not worry about the size of the table. You have ample space; therefore, any size can fit perfectly. Where to install will depend on your liking – public space or backyard.

A point to note with outdoor ping pong table is that they vary in storage dimension, playing and playback. The tables come with numerous adjustments to either reduce or increase some features. For instance, in some, you can adjust the height.

Is the table foldable?

Most outdoor ping pong tables come with unique features that make the table more usable. Keeping in mind that these tables are heavier than the indoor tables because of the additional features, they may be challenging to move around. As such, these tables have been built to be folded or collapsed.

Such features make assembly, movement, and storage easier. You’ll realize that some tables come in two connectible halves while others come as two separate halves that are connected using the net clamps.


Legs support the table. That means they must be able to bear the weight of the table. Having strong and thicker legs will mean better stability. Besides, they must be durable. Mostly, the legs are built from aluminum, steel or zinc alloys.

Do you like fixed or adjustable legs? Some tables have the anti-tilting levelers that allow you to level your table when placed on an uneven surface.

For smoother movements, the best-rated ping pong table must have legs are attached to wheels. The wheels are lockable. Besides, the legs must be substantial, rust proof and be supported with diagonal bars.

Security features

Among the security feature that an outdoor ping pong table must have include padded corners or at times rounded corners to reduce injuries, lockable wheels to prevent sudden movements. The dual locks are essential in avoiding unintended opening or closing of the table.


A warranty is a necessary feature to cushion you against manufacturer’s defects. It actually indicates the confidence of the manufacturer in their products.

The outdoors table is exposed to numerous environmental factors. It is just logical for it to come with a more extended warranty.

That said some tables come with up to 10 years warranty. Isn’t this reassuring?

Do You Really Need An Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

Table tennis can be an excellent way to pass the time. Besides, it is a unique way to work out and thus remain physically fit. The best part is individuals of any age or sex can play the game.

The game is fast, and therefore, you need to play faster. While playing outdoors, you’ll enjoy your workout session while mastering the game.

Perhaps the primary reason you need an outdoor ping pong table is; the fewer restrictions that the game offers. There are o special requirements. You can install the table at any convenient place and still enjoy the game to the fullest. Commonplace include backyard and parks.

The second important reason you need to play your ping pong outsides is that it gives a perfect opportunity to socialize with friends.  As you play, you can keep on chatting.

Let’s look at some of the high performing ping pong tables you can use outdoors.

Kettler Champ 5.0

Kettler tables are considered one of the highest performing tables. That is clearly seen with this table. The table is built with an aluminum top that is non-glaring and is weatherproof. It is coated with paint that protects it gains abrasion and discoloration.

Besides, the lower side features a mechanism that makes the table withstand pressures and climatic conditions, thanks to the ALU-TEC technology.

The thickness of the table top is adequate: 7/8 inches. Such a medium density top is excellent for a bounce during the game. Fr this table, the top is smooth and has tournament lines. The top has resin reinforcement on the edges of 2.25. The legs are made of square powder coated galvanized steel, and they work perfectly against warping. Additionally, they are resistant to rust and are adjustable.

The table can be well set o a trolley, which is anti-tilting and has 5.5 inches dual caster with rubber treads to make the moving the table easy. Once you set the table up, the locking mechanism ensures that the table sits tightly in one position.

Other Features

Weights 200 lbs

Size – 108 x 60 x 30 inches

Foldable to 72 x 64.5 x 25 inches


  • Has safety features
  • Integrated accessory holder
  • Has a rubber-tread dual wheel caster
  • Smooth, thick and waterproof top


  • Expensive
  • Complicated to install

Cornilleau – Pro 510M Outdoor Table

An outstanding feature of this table is that it is wheelchair friendly: its legs are placed slightly away from the edge, making it easier to maneuver. Besides, this table tennis table comes with a solid warranty for ten years. Isn’t that impressive? There is more to come.

The top surface of the Cornilleau – Pro 510M features a 7mm laminate that is absolutely weatherproof and can reduce the glare up to ten times. This top is held in position firmly by a sturdy galvanized steel frame (2.25 inches). The frame offers excellent additional stability. Since it is an approved top surface, it provides a high bounce.

The Cornilleau – Pro 510M ping pong table is a stationary type of table. The table is permanently fixed on the ground using screws. Remember the table is built of stainless steel, a future that makes it corrosion resistant. You can use this table for a very long time without hitches.


  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Accessory older
  • Ball dispenser
  • 10x glare reduction finish
  • Padded corners


  • Expensive

Butterfly Easifold

The Butterfly Easifold ping pong table is known for its excellent bounce. Such a feature makes playing table tennis enjoyable. This table owes its perfect bounce to the wood that creates the top part. In essence, the top part is made of compreg with several layers of plywood treated with resin.

Further, the table is made unique by the application of the Du Pont paint, which is weather resistant and the rustproof steel frame.

If you want to play alone, this table offers an excellent way. The butterfly table comes in 2 separate halves that are connected by the clamp on net. You can transform one halve into a playback by setting it up.

Remember the net is weatherproof the clamps have rubber covers to prevent abrasion to the edges of the table. Moreover, it features a dual locking mechanism to avoid any unintended opening or closing of the table while the wheels are lockable to ensure that the table stays in one position.


  • Weatherproof paint
  • Resin treated plywood
  • Excellent bounce
  • Easy assembly
  • Dual lock mechanism


  • The two haves are usually loosely connected


If you need a table that stands up perfectly against weather elements, then the Joomla Nova is the table to buy. The table top is built of 6mm thick waterproof aluminum and a 40mm PVC apron.

It features 2-inch thick welded steel legs to provide unmatched stability when playing. Besides, the legs prevent the table from warping. And the best part is the legs are foldable, and you can adjust them using anti-tilting leg levers.  

Two pieces make up a complete table. They are held together by a net screwed to the table.

The connection can comfortably withstand any tension. Such a table can be an efficient table for a single player.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Adjustable leg levers
  • Rust-resistant wheels


  • Low bounce


The best rated outdoor ping pong table must meet the laid down standard. Such a table must be able to have every critical feature even if in moderation. By reading this article, you can choose the best.